SPIDER ICT4D Cambodia Network

SPIDER has been supporting the initiative of a collaborative ICT4D network since 2012 to promote the use of ICT for development in Cambodia. Nevertheless, Spider also supports many last and recent projects implemented by InSTEDD iLabs South East Asia, EWMI, ODC, and WMC to develop ideas, prototypes and pilot solutions for CSOs, and building an open data platform for the needs of CSOs and its people in using those data and information for individual purposes promoting accountability and transparency in the country. 

The creation of a SPIDER ICT4D Cambodia Network supports NGOs and ICT practitioners to share needs, experiences and collaborations. These two groups are often isolated from each other and there are many misunderstandings and miscommunications. It will also help start-up of social entrepreneurs better understand the problems they attempt to solve through business approaches.


Within the ICT4D Cambodia Network project, the core network members are the organisations that initially founded the network in 2013 such as East West Management Institute (EWMI), Open Development Cambodia (ODC), Innovative Support to Emergencies Disease and Disasters (InSTEDD),  Open Institute (OI) and Women’s Media Center of Cambodia (WMC). The core members also had invited the 2 more latterly Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) and Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) during the first (1st) 3 years of funding supported by SPIDER 2013-2016. 

In 2018, the network was decided to move on to a round hosting (Rotation) lead by primarily partners organizations who founding the network. Currently, Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is hosting the lead of the project which is supported by SPIDER from 2018. Therefore, the network would like very pleased to announce few more organizations include Aide et Action International Cambodia (AeAI) that’s working very strong role in strengthenning access to quality and equity education, and Family Health International (FHI360) improving health system (mHealth) in Cambodia.

For the second phase (2nd) of supporting, the network aiming to solve the needs for information and knowledge of NGO ICT and non-ICT practitioners in each sectors in Cambodia and bringing together with entrepreneurs who are starting companies in those sectors, and if possible with consolidated private companies doing projects of interest that might bring new ideas out.

Our network aims:

  • Encourage Collaboration, support and sharing of information
  • Increase the level of impact and sustainability
  • Increase the visibility of the projects