We would like to share with you, Cambodian colleagues and partners, the upcoming important event which will be held by the 9th November, 2021 organized by our partners in Singapore, ST Engineering. Please do not miss it. If you have any query, please feel free to let us know thru comment.

ST Engineering and TIBCO presents our 2-Part Webinar Series on Transforming your Business with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

In Part 1 on Data Governance and Management, we will explore the core tenets to successful implementation of data-driven digital transformation initiatives.

In this webinar,• We will share the challenges organisations might face when harnessing data for actionable insights• How data governance & management forms a key part of data strategy• Flexible data catalog with TIBCO’s Data Management Solution

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If you have enquiries and love to find out more, do send them to dataAI@stengg.com and our team will gladly assist you.

Thank you.