ICT for Social Advocacy
ICT for Social advocacy, a series of quarterly meetings of all stakeholders employing ICT solutions in support of social advocacy projects in Cambodia. These include human rights NGOs, organizations advancing transparency and accountability in furtherance of enhanced governance, and other groups who are promoting policy and practices supportive of sustainability development. These meetings is co-organized by the ICT4D Cambodia Network/ODC and EWMI to facilitate sharing experiences, keep all of us informed of what others are doing, coordinating our work if it makes sense, and try to create as many synergies as possible among those of us using technology in support of social advocacy projects.

Upcoming Events

all-day ICT4D in Education meeting @ Open Development Cambodia
ICT4D in Education meeting @ Open Development Cambodia
Aug 23 all-day
Dear Respective partners; The SPIDER ICT4D Cambodia Network is a collaborative project among local and international NGOs working to promote and leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) for CSOs/NGOs in Cambodia. Leading the implementation from[...]
2:30 am Invitation into DI’s User Trainin... @ Development Innovations
Invitation into DI’s User Trainin... @ Development Innovations
Aug 23 @ 2:30 am
ICT4D Cambodia Network was invited to attend the DI’s User Training which will be take place between 21-23 August, 2018 at the Development Innovations (DI) office. 2 NGO partners on behalf of the ICT4D Cambodia[...]

E-Career Counseling application for Cambodian Youth

There is seen a wide-range of education reforms positively and significantly in the 5th mandatory of the Cambodian government. The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) has been strengthening its functioning of state-institutional education in Cambodia with...

Invitation for join ICT4D in Education meeting

The SPIDER ICT4D Cambodia Network is a organizing the ICT4D in Education meeting which bring all relevant stakeholders working in either ICT and non-ICT-related education projects to discuss, sharing, learning, and as well as seeking for future collaboration.

On behalf of the ICT4D Cambodia Network, we are very pleased to invite you to join the ICT4D in Education Network meeting which will be held on August 23rd, 2018  from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

Land cover in Cambodia (2012- 2016)

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) has been working to promote a so called "Open data" in various development sectors in Cambodia. Currently ODC, has added a new dataset and new interactive map layer of land cover in Cambodia from 2012-2016 in Cambodia in both Khmer and...

Deconstructing Design: Transforming Reading Assessments Through Technology in Cambodia

TEST App is a Khmer literacy assessment tool for primary school students created by World Education Cambodia and CamMob with support from USAID Cambodia's Development Innovations Cambodia. Since 2014, the TEST app has been used by more than 12,000 students in grades...

Discussing data collection through digital tools in the ICT4D meeting for social advocacy group

Meeting of ICT4D for social advocacy group conducted The 2nd meeting of ICT4D for social advocacy group was held on the 28th of June, 2018 to discuss on data collection and its experience from each organizations and how its digital data collection tool is becoming...

Together for promoting ICT4D: A Core Network Meeting of the ICT4D Cambodia Network in 2018

By 2018, the ICT4D Cambodia Network restarted to call for core network meeting (Advisory group) that we have not met each other for a long period of time, by facilitating the important of its meeting among core members to present and sharing operational planning of...

ICT4D for social advocacy meeting

In 2018, the 1st quarterly meeting of ICT for Social Advocacy (ICT4SA) was organized to share and employing ICT solutions in support of social advocacy in Cambodia. The meeting is jointly facilitated between the ICT4D Cambodia Network Project funded by SPIDER and...

Creating discussion platform to tackle health issues in Cambodia (mHealth): ICT4D Cambodia Network

It was meeting quite sometimes for people working on the health in Cambodia in which facilitated by Partnering to Save Lives previously and currently Open Institute thought that it is quite useful for us to come together and share what we were doing and people who...


The facilitation and moderation of the national ICT4D sharing workshop in Cambodia to speak up the topic “Meet up Best ICT projects in Cambodia 2017: Share Their Problems, Solutions and Challenges”.

Siem Reap: Best ICT Award and Startups project 2017

A sharing session workshop on “ICT Awards and startup projects in Cambodia” was one of many interested topics organized into the BarCamp to present and sharing experiences each projects use of the technology for learning and communication or knowledge sharing about both social projects and startup business model that would contribute to solve the social and community needs.