BarCamp Angkor 2017 ICT Awards and startup projects in Cambodia 09 September, 2017 Build Bright University (BBU), Siem Reap A sharing session on “ICT Awards and startup projects in Cambodia” was one of many interested topics organized into the BarCamp to present and sharing experiences each projects use of the technology for learning and communication or knowledge sharing about both social projects and startup business model that would contribute to solve the social and community needs. Many projects was invited both ICT awards and startup projects include as mention below; Go Xpress, Lubd, Book Me Bus, Khmer Reader, Jailbreak, Bong Pheak, Sabay, Kumnet Creative, Sokhakraom. The session was held on the 09 September 2017 at BBU with a full of participants over 50 ps in the framework of BarCamp Angkor 2017. Mr. Be Chantra, the organizer introduced the event of BarCamp Angkor 2017 at the BBU, Siem Reap province brought all local people, student, NGOs, private sectors, and as well as top startups and innovative projects of the ICT award 2017 to come into the event where there have more than 40 topics presented around technology for social and economical needs in the event. International participants also attended this time of event from Mekong countries as such as Laos, Thailand, Vietname, Myanmar, and Bangladesh once attempting finished successfully the Mekong ICT Camp, which was held on 4-8 September 2017, one day before the BarCamp started.   Before starting the session, Mr. Javier Sola, Program Director of the OI shared welcome speech and thanked you for the organizers and attendees for the participation. He also addressed why ICT4D networking in Cambodia. It is because many existing projects already deploy and use technology for improving individual project outcomes and making impact to the community both social and private purposes. Those practical projects are very well-implemented and creating unique lessons from each learning experiences how technology solve social needs and opportunity to scale up or even running startup projects in Cambodia. That’s what ICT4D network does to ensure that every projects using technology for development works, social business and startup projects are involved in sharing, presenting, and keep us inform what their project is doing by each sectors. Without the support from sponsor, this session today will not happen. He finally thanks you to SPIDER for the support such this event. 3 minutes presentation by each projects; 1. Go Xpress
  • A mobile delivery application created to provide services such as transport, instant courier, food delivery, and shopping. It is a social enterprise partnering with a group of experienced and trustworthy drivers to make you easy way of transporting service at a touch of button. It helps making all kind of drivers, mostly in Phnom Penh to generate income for improving better their daily life through registering Go Xpress for receiving any delivery services from Go Xpress’s coordination.
2. BookMeBus
  • A successful tech startups in Cambodia that has been awarded and selected as winner of Cambodia ICT Award 2016. It is one of the easiest and most secure ways to buy bus tickets online.
  • It is where to satisfy travelers with very easy to find bus schedules, booking with e-ticket platform, and confirmation email after the payment.
  • It is currently working with over 40 bus and taxi operators working throughout Cambodia toward improving quality services of transportation.
  • However, it is also in the process of improving some functionalities, especially how to process payment (cash on delivery) and system on refund somehow after they already booked via the platform but there was no seat confirmation by the bus company once they arrived.
3. Khmer Rean An
    (Khmer Reader)
  • It is an application to improve reading and learning for Cambodian children in preschool and primary school through tablets and smartphones.
  • There have 4 versions of Khmer Rean An ( version I to IV) been developed supported by Aide et Action Cambodia in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
  • With audiovisual programs, songs, and games in their mother tongue, these applications can solve problem of reading, writing and pronounce correctly in Khmer word for children.
  • It have about 50,000 users downloaded and installed
  • Jailbreak was also just awarded best project for ICT Award 2017 and confirm in furthering the development of their game with receiving back support from other interested private companies. It is a mobile game available on both iOS and Android developed by a group of Cambodian talented and blockbuster official released by DirexPlay Lab.
  • Jailbreak is well-animated game created in conjunction with Khmer developers and filmmakers of “Jailbreak”. Telling an adventured story of a group of Special Task Force Officers which are sent to the prison where are detained the country’s top criminals. It’s a game of beating up fighting style using kick, knee, elbow ad fists punch combined with Khmer Bokator martial Art.
  • In just 2 days, it reached 20K downloads after its launch. Presently, it has around 100,000 downloaders.
5.Bong Pheak
  • This was a runner-up (2nd best) of ICT Award 2017 and also awarded best performance in CRS category. It is posted all information on job opportunity both online and through sending, delivering to potential workers through automatic phone calls via their numbers. The platform is developed by Open Institute and launched in October 2016. This service has already referenced 6000 positions in 7 months that led to 4000 applications
6.Sabay Osja
  • First team that produces high quality of games with first experience 3D animation technologies in Cambodia to employ augmented reality (AR). Osja Studio was created in 2011 previously and later changed to Sabay Osja. It won the 2014 ASEAN Character Award for its depiction of the protagonist in the puzzle game Asva the Monkey.
  • Sabay Osja recently announced Osja AR is the first game AR and allow users interact with Cambodian riels notes. Within Osja AR, an image object designed in illustrating Khmer culture and representations appears on the screen once smartphones is held above a riel notes. The main aim of this game AR is to increasing the demand of riel while dollar is dominated in the economic.
  • It is Participatory Healthcare Platform which would be a central information of trustable healthcare and medical services in Cambodia.
  • It purposes to cut down healthcare expenses and enhance access to healthcare services.
  • It provides easy navigation and detailed of the nearest pharmacies, hospitals, dental clinics or medical specialists, with an additional feature being short reviews that are made by the users.
  • The app was official released in July, 2017 and already has about 5000 users.
8.Kumnit Creative
  • A startup project to help startups, SMEs, and other various business in their transition from a traditional marketing strategy to a digital marketing oriented strategy.
  • It provides every aspect of digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, design, web development, and branding strategy.